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Our Activists

Safaa Abu Raya


"I am a member of Taghyeer Movement because I absolutely believe that the spark of change starts from the soul and from that spark we can create a volcano. We make a new reality of change that we want to see in the future. Taghyeer is part of me as it represents my potential and the hope for a better future."

Safaa Abu Raya - Ramallah.jpeg

Milad Vosgueritchian


" I joined Taghyeer Movement for its novel vision that centers the needs and aspirations of the youth and transform its reality into a better one. As an advocate for human justice and equality, and as a believer in nonviolence, I identify with Taghyeer Movement for how it promotes and practices nonviolence as an identity and a lifestyle to promote self-responsibility rather than victimhood. "

Milad Vosgueritchian - Alezareye.jpeg
Mo’men Qashqeesh - Halhul.jpeg

Mo'men Qashqeesh


I repeatedly asked myself why am I a part of Taghyeer Movement? Why am I here? The only answer I found was because this movement has a vision that speaks to me, and its members work hard to change the reality. I know that I am among the best group. We are distinguished by our unlimited human potential and limitless desire to improve our beloved country. 


A person can do miraculous things when a person does not give up. We want to be a model for the world by not acting like victims and by taking initiative to change our situation for the generations to come. We exist on the land for a reason, which is to support those who are in need for help. We want to achieve that main principle of humanity.


Our behaviour is an opportunity for us to prove ourselves. It is a stage to confirm our strength. We as Palestinians want to be represented after decades of being marginalized and silenced.

Neda’ Al Kharraz - Nablus.jpeg

Milad Vosgueritchian

Neda' Kharaz


'' I joined Taghyeer Movement as a youth activist, and one of my most important goals is to make change in my community. We implement initiatives that pave the path for change to occur within the Palestinian society. It is important for me personally that the movement cares about women leadership and women participation in the decision making process to support her role on the ground.'' -

Fatima Nawajaa


I joined Taghyeer Movement because I believe that every peaceful mass struggle achieves its goals bottom up. As we are a movement for change, we take on challenges and needs in practical ways in order to ensure our social impact is achieved on the ground. From the beginning, the name ‘’Taghyeer’’ (Change in English) caught my attention. Moreover, the structure of the movement allows for each activist to raise their voice as the leaders and the activists are working side by side to achieve Taghyeer’s vision.

Fatima Al Nawajaa - Susya.jpeg

Noor Khalaf


Nour Khallaf - Dura.jpeg
Qais al Halees - al Quds University.jpeg

Qais Al Halees

Al Quds University

Taghyeer made me realize how to be an effective human being that has an impact on society. The movement also made me realize the sense of volunteerism which is not very prevalent in the Palestinian society. This movement had a great role in educating me how to be a volunteer that takes initiative for helping other people and my community.


The scope of the work of Taghyeer is manifested in responding to the violent actions of the Israeli occupation nonviolently. It develops a model of nonviolent resistance that shows the world that Palestinians have rights that we want to secure nonviolently. It is really important for me to take part in community-led actions that address the challenges of the occupation and support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people on their lands. 


Lastly, I am proud of Taghyeer Movement and I consider it to be an integral part of me which helped me change myself, and others around me by practicing nonviolence in my own life.

Amal Salah - Al Khader.jpeg

Milad Vosgueritchian

Amal Salah

Al Khader

Mohammad Al Sheikh

Jerusalem & Anata

Mohhamad al Sheikh - Jerusalem.jpeg

Jalal Al Khudeiri


Trust is the main reason why I joined Taghyeer Movement. My previous experience meeting and getting to know the leaders of the movement as well as working with them on the ground was a pull factor for me to be a part of this national effort. After learning about the objectives of the movement, I took part in various on-the-ground initiatives to support the steadfastness of the Palestinian people. With my fellow activists, we aim to resist the occupation nonviolently as well as build our communities. After 4 years of being a leader at Taghyeer, I personally believe that Taghyeer represents my values and we can practice them on the ground, with my small family, and my students.

Ra'fat Abed - Bethlehem.jpeg

Ra'fat Abed


Muhanad Abu Awwad - Beit Ummar.jpeg

Milad Vosgueritchian

Muhanad Abu Awwad

Beit Ummar & Al Aroub refugee camp

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Samia Al Hureini


I see Taghyeer’s far-reaching vision that aims to support and develop skills for youth and women. As a youth activist who is looking for a space to execute my ideas and express my creativity, Taghyeer movement allows for that to happen through the various activities on the ground that address people’s needs while achieving the objectives of the movement.

Samia al Hurraini - Twani.jpeg

Saleh Massaeed

Jericho & Jordan Valley

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