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On the Ground Program

ALL Rights

The “All Rights” project provides a website that grants free access to the Palestinian public including individuals and organizations or companies. As labor law is a pressing issue these times due to the current pandemic as well as frequent labor rights violations, we prioritized this rights domain in this pilot project. The aim of the website is to provide articles about labor law in everyday language. The website will serve as an informational resource for both employees and employers.


The Project builds on the concept of citizenship which Taghyeer promotes. One of the pillars of Taghyeer’s work is to empower Palestinian individuals and communities in order to achieve social change. An integral part of this work is to embrace the principles of citizenhood through enabling various societal segments to learn about their rights. That, in turn, will pave the way toward a responsible, independant society actively practicing their citizenship.


The ''All Rights'' project responds to an urgent need due to the COVID-19 crisis. The pandemic has been significantly affecting the economic situation in Palestine which led to labor law violations among many other consequences. Insufficient knowledge about labor rights in the Palestinian communities and the resulting dependancy on lawyers represent the core problem that ''All Rights'' tackles.

Hence, ''All Rights'' will be an informational platform that aims at enforcing labor law and supporting workers’ initiatives and maintaining their labor rights. Together with our Boston-based partner, "Our Generation speaks" (OGS), we believe that knowledge of rights is necessary in order to become fully responsible and informed citizens to contribute to a more democratic society.

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