On the Ground Program

Community Self-Development

Taghyeer’s activists are preserving the steadfastness of the people under the occupation as well as responding to community needs as part of our strategic plan of building a democratic, responsible society that serves our vision of independence. We believe the establishment of a healthy society and self-responsibility such as our community actions of planting trees, the beautification of parks and the city, painting murals, campaigning, volunteering or responding to crisis are key to achieve our political rights and to create a new environment where solutions are possible. 

The program focuses on two areas:

Beautification & Land Activities include planting trees, the beautification of parks and the city, painting murals, harvesting olive and more. The land activities mainly set an example of good citizenship as well as how the people can preserve the land in the face of annexation.

Community activities include specific community-led actions that can concern different areas of impact. The activities range from awareness campaigns to ensuring water access to marginalized communities, organizing meetings, building facilities, and direct response initiatives. This subdomain of the program promotes the power of campaigning, volunteering, and cooperative action.

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