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Messengers of Change

Core Program

This core Taghyeer program builds a network of well-trained emerging community leaders who have social or political credibility to be able to represent Taghyeer on the ground and serve our vision of an independent and democratic society. Our Messengers of Change (MoCs) are acting to build trust among individuals, organizations and communities by engaging everyone including the political leadership as a unified massive movement to take responsibility through social development and nonviolent actions such as nonviolence workshops, community programs and leadership training.

Taghyeer is currently working with 34 male and female MoCs who are active in 20 communities. Our MoCs are, alongside the women groups, the pillars of our movement. They play a major role in our programs such as the community self-development program, the crisis response program as well as our nonviolent education & direct action initiatives.

Meet some of our MoCs here or check out the activists map to see where and how they are making a change!

The Mission of the MoC Program


Spread the Mission of Taghyeer.

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