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On the Ground Program

Nonviolence Education & Direct Action


One of Taghyeer’s main goals is to offer an alternative solution to violence. In the past, violent approaches did not lead anywhere. In fact, the sparking violence made the situation worse in Palestine. Seeing that the concept of nonviolent resistance is not prevalent in Palestine, Taghyeer wants to see a Palestine that adopts the tool of nonviolence to serve its cause. 

As the Palestinian society is fragmented both geographically and with regards to identity, Taghyeer offers an opportunity of nonviolent identity.


Hence, this program is divided into two subdomains:

Nonviolence Education

Nonviolence Education

Nonviolent Education aims at making the concept of nonviolence known among the society through workshops, speaking tours and everyday face-to-face conversations. This builds the theoretic foundation for the other subdomain of the program.

Nonviolent Direct Action

Nonviolent Direct Action

Taghyeer’s activists practice nonviolent resistance on the ground. This subdomain particularly includes bigger events and de-escalation in interaction with Israeli military as well as organizing demonstrations and solidarity expressions.  

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