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Al-Makhrour Nonviolence Action

Following our strategic actions on the ground, Taghyeer has started a process in Al-Makhrour area/ west of Bethlehem governorate in area C of the West Bank to face the annexation plan by providing the community with water resources, a solar energy system, and agricultural development. Taghyeer arranged meetings with the respective communities and to then meet with representatives of the Palestinian Ministry of Wall and Settlements to discuss the legal situation of the land. Furthermore, Taghyeer reached out to various organizations that could be potential supporters to meet the following needs of the communities:

  • solar energy sytem

  • access to running water

  • agricultural development

  • secure legal support such as lawyers or rights organizations

  • improvement of life conditions

As a starting point, the Ministry of Wall and Settlement reached out to the Water Authority to come on the ground and examine the possibilities of the area.

Taghyeer will start nonviolent action with our activists in order to help prepare the land especially with a focus on agricultural usage of the land to serve the steadfastness of the communities. Moreover, Taghyeer will create a social media campaign to engage the community and raise awareness. In addition, Taghyeer and the local community chose a committee that will represent them among legal authorities and organizations.

The action in Al-Makhrour area aims at relieving the suffering of the inhabitants caused by the settlements and military rule in order to serve the steadfastness of our people on our nonviolent path to freedom and independence.

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