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Beautification of Nablus’ Central Park Activity

As a result of the women photography workshop that was held for different Taghyeer women groups, the group in Nablus initiated the Nablus Park Beautification. Taghyeer movement has invited different organizations and partners like Zimam, Youth of Sumud, Sharek Youth Forum, Running for Freedom Initiative, and Youth Vision Initiative, to join the activity. 150 activists spent a whole day in Nablus Park to clean up, trim the trees, and engage in dialogue with each other about social responsibility.

Through this action, Taghyeer wanted to highlight social problems and target local authorities to take responsibility with the activists. The municipality of Nablus, represented by its Mayor Adli Yaeesh, was invited to this activity and emphasised their availability and funds to develop the park. Taghyeer women prepared a list of needs regarding the park and handed it to the mayor, who promised to take action. A few months later, the municipality started the work - today, it is almost finished.

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