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“Gandhi’s Children” Summer Camp in Eizariya

July 28, 2021

Good education is the basis of identity:

Taghyeer Movement and in partnership with Roya School, Milad Voskerjian- activist, school staff and volunteers implemented an educational initiative based on the following activities:

1. A summer camp entitled “Gandhi’s Children” aims to educate school students about the importance of non-violence in serving civil peace in our lives in order to preserve human beings and national resources.

2. Strengthening the concepts of love, respect and acceptance of others and avoiding prejudices based on religion, color and difference of opinion as a necessity for national unity.

3. Breaking the barrier of fear of speaking and expression and building confidence through dialogue.

Children will work on formulating songs and slogans that promote peaceful concepts and represent their daily lives as a tool for struggle, steadfastness and resistance to injustice without complacency or compromising legitimate rights.

Thanks to everyone who worked to make this wonderful initiative a success.

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