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Jericho Community Meetings

January 2019

A community meeting was held in Jericho where 22 participants from the local youth council attended as well as representatives from the Women’s Council. They discussed the challenges and obstacles that Jericho is suffering from.

The meeting resulted in developing an action plan that will be worked upon by Taghyeer and the activists from Jericho and the Jordan Valley.

February 2020

Tagyheer leadership team met with 8 university students and social workers who came from the areas of Jeftlick, Fasayel, Al Oja, and Jericho. The meeting was organized by our MoC Saleh Masaeed.

The outcome of this meeting was that these students will strengthen Taghyeer’s group by having more members in Jericho and start social activities there. On this occasion, Taghyeer included another young woman, Fatma, into Taghyeer leadership, together with Saleh. Additionally, a letter was sent to the governor of Jericho to show Taghyeer's interest in cooperating during the COVID crisis.

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