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Jerusalem School Lecture

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Taghyeer founder Ali Abu Awwad was invited to speak at the Jerusalem American International School. Having an open discussion about Ali's own experiences and life story that brought him to adopt nonvioence as identity, the students were engaged to learn about nonviolence and the need to have a nonviolence movement like Taghyeer. The sutdents were inspired by Ali's story and the following conversations. The school invited Ali a year later for a second time to speak at the graduation ceremony.

One student, Tareq, was particularly moved, so the school invited Ali to Tareq's birthday as a surprise guest. Ali and Tareq engaged in conversation about the principles of nonviolence and Tareq's future role to contibute to the solution - watch the full story and a video about it here!

Impacting a young life like Tareq's and his fellows will entail the next Palestinian generations to live a nonviolent life as Taghyeer's educational goal and to have more young heroes like Tareq.

Ali's picture next to other peace heroes on the wall of JAIS.

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