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Karama event in Jericho

After Taghyeer Movement was founded, the team worked extensively in the field and on the ground. They have managed to implement more than 37 workshops and community meetings in 45 days for the recruitment of activists from different communities.

Celebrating International Peace Day on 21st September 2016, Karama (arabic = "dignity") event was held in Jericho. More than 3,500 Palestinians attended this event, including representatives of organizations, politicians, individuals, and members of our sister organization Friends of Taghyeer in the US.

This event marked a paradigm shift in the history of Nonviolent resistance. The outcome of this event was that many people wanted to join Taghyeer and work together towards a dignified life. Taghyeer succeeded in recruiting hundreds of Palestinians to adopt proudly nonviolence resistance without the fear of being accused of normalization.

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