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Launching "DNA Movement" Project

October 2020

Together with our partner forumZFD, we launched the DNA Movement project through a workshop that took place in Jericho for Taghyeer staff and activists to build our movement DNA. The workshop identified the four elements of the DNA Movement:

Reflecting together with our MoCs on these four elements will equip Taghyeer leadership team to fully reach its potential and keep the dynamic within the group.


Telling the story is vital for Taghyeer movement. The story builds a personal connection to the movement and this helps achieving our vision & mission.


Having a clear and functioning allocation of roles and responsibilities is essential to working efficiently and effectively. We want a decentralized structure that promotes self-organizing while maintaining a high level of involvement and participation among Taghyeer's activists on the ground. This grassroots approach feeds into the strategy.


Refining our strategy means working at the center piece of our movement. The strategy helps our people understand how we function and how we want to achieve what we aspire to be. The strategy defines our guidelines based on Taghyeer's values so that the decision-making process remains transparent and clear.


Culture sets the scale of how Taghyeer's leaders and activists act and live. It establishes an environment in which Taghyeer's values and principles can be practiced in order to achieve our vision. With a shared and strong movement culture, we can overcome unexpected problems and challenges through a clear set of morals and protocols. The culture strengthens the sense of belonging among the activists and creates a unique dynamic within the movement.

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