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Nablus Women Activist Group

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Since 2017, Taghyeer has been working in Nablus with an activists group formed by a woman community leader, Neda' Kharraz, who is now Taghyeer coordinator for the Nablus group. Taghyeer began with a first meeting and workshop in which 12 committed women were brought together to establish an activist group and were recruited to become part of the movement. Taghyeer implemented several activities and workshops in order to strengthen the concept of nonviolent resistance within the community. Until today, the number of activists grew to more than 60 activists with Neda' as a Taghyeer Messenger of Change community leader. In 2019, Neda' was elected a member of the steering committee of the labor union in Nablus.

Nablus Women Leadership Group

Community development activities are being implemented to both challenge, and partner with Nablus Municipality. The prime example was the mobilization to clean-up and reclaim the neglected Municipality Park, which succeeded in gathering people from a number of organizations such as Zimam, and communities to bring about change. The park mobilization was enhanced by a series of photography workshops for women arranged with Taghyeer, led by internationally renowned photographer, Saskia Keeley. These workshops equipped the participants with photo documentation skills to tell their personal stories, and to recognize and communicate challenges in their community.

The Taghyeer Nablus women group has also been working closely with forumZFD, Taghyeer’s German partner, in learning and practicing leadership skills and social change, establishing one of Taghyeer's core programs today- the Women Leadership Program.

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