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Nonviolence Center in Twani Village

Taghyeer, in coordination with Youth Of Sumud, has started constructing the Nonviolence Center in Twani in South Hebron Hills in November 2020. The Center, which also serves as a guest house, is anticipated to be completed by June 2021.

The Center is sponsored by Bashar al Masri's Al Ard initiative, which "aims to create additional opportunities to enhance Palestinians’ resilience and steadfastness to remain on their land."

The Nonviolence Center offers local people a place to meet and exchange ideas. Additionally, international delegations and volunteers will experience Taghyeer’s work on the ground and participate in community development projects. The Center will focus on nonviolence education and leadership especially for women and youth.

Our activists will use the space to hold workshops, activities, and launch campaigns that support the steadfastness of the people on the land as the land in Area C of the West Bank is under particular threat of annexation. Moreover, Twani is a key spot in South Hebron Hills that faces the Israeli occupation on a daily basis. Therefore, this village is strategic for Taghyeer’s activities and activists base and of high symbolic value for the Palestinian people.

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