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"Preparing and setting a timetable for implementing initiatives" DNA Movement

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

June 2021

As a continuation of the "DNA" project, we held another workshop in partnership with ForumZFD. This retreat was conducted in Ramallah and it lasted for three days. It was entitled "Preparing and setting a timetable for implementing initiatives". The project on which this workshop is based targets some of the Messenger of Change and Community Organizers aiming to come up with a clear formulation and system that enabled the participants to succeed in preparing initiatives that embody the movement’s goals and strategy in the upcoming period.

One of the topics discussed in this workshop concerning Taghyeer’s internal meetings. It also included a presentation of the new Women Project as wells as talking about the ongoing and the upcoming initiatives of Taghyeer. There was also a discussion answering the question: where is the DNA movement going? In addition to answering this question, there was a detailed discussion concerning commitment. To be specific, participants engaged in answering many questions in this regard. These included: what does commitment mean? What is their commitment to Taghyeer? How to clarify and share expectations, roles and responsibilities? For example, Taghyeer management expects them to be more independent. Expectation of core team might also be related to money and positions: are they going to become paid coordinators for Taghyeer in the future? If not, this needs to be clarified; That they are going to be volunteers also in the future. There was a session of a team building activity which was a marshmallow challenge in which participants were divided into two teams and which lasted for 35 minutes.

The below video shows how all these activities as well as many more were done during this workshop.

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