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Solidarity with the Farmers of Susya in South Hebron Hills

In response to the appeal of Susya’s Village Council and Cooperative Society, Taghyeer joined the farmers who cannot reach their lands since Susya village is based in Area C, surrounded by Israeli settlements, and under constant threat of demolition by the Israeli army. Worse than that, the farmers of the village have been attacked many times by Israeli settlers and the army when trying to reach their land to cultivate it. This area is considered as crucial in the conflict; thus, Taghyeer has a special connection to this community. One of our Taghyeer women leaders, Fatma Nawaja, is from the area and is leading Susya women society to serve the needs of the people, especially of the women and children.

Fatma played a role in the struggle for the land of the Suysa farmers. She and many other Taghyeer activists joined the farmers in a nonviolence direct action of not giving in to the army's attempts to keep them away from the farm land. Instead, through the support of Taghyeer, the farmers succeeded to practice their legal rights to reach their land and were able to cultivate it. This happened in April 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic left many people in an insecure economic situation so that food security through cultivating land was even more essential.

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