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Solidarity with the people of Al Khan Al Ahmar

When the Israeli Occupation started executing the demolition orders in Khan Al Ahmar’s area, Taghyeer Movement along with Youth of Sumoud Forum and the Ministry of Wall and Settlement gathered in solidarity with its residents to stop these orders. The resistance camp was set up for more than two months. Throughout the months, thousands of activists and supporters were taking part in this campaign, including lawyers that fought for the people of Khan al Ahmar. After a long battle and through the persistence of all, the demolition orders were stopped.

During this period, Taghyeer’s team held awareness sessions about the principles of nonviolent resistance and its methods to the people who gathered. As a result, many people joined Tagyheer movement as they were truly amazed by the effect Taghyeer has done on the ground.

**The demolition of houses through the Israeli Army is one of the biggest issues Palestinians suffer from. Due to the impossibility of gaining permission to build, Israel considers the houses “illegal” and therefore destroys them.**

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