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South Hebron Hills Leadership

In the area of South Hebron Hills, Taghyeer identified three main obstacles for a dignified life:

  • continuous attacks through Israeli occupation, such as house demolitions, prohibting people to reach their land, settler violence, lack of resources (water, electricity, agriculture)

  • lack of women and youth leadership

  • divided communities and gaps between community leaders, lack of unity

To meet these challenges and to start building a plan to solve them, Taghyeer Movement gathered community members, the Popular committees, presidents of the local councils, Youth of Sumoud Forum, and the Resilience Committee together in South Hebron Hills (SHH).

The meeting resulted in addressing the tribal gaps and obstacles these communities encounter. Taghyeer successfully managed to unite the SHH communities through establishing a leadership committee that will have representatives of each community who will start to design a long-term plan that will guarantee effective partnership and development of the area.

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