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"Strategies and Initiatives" DNA Movement workshop

April 2021

As part of the DNA project and in partnership with ForumZFD, Taghyeer movement held another two-day workshop in Jericho under the title “strategies and initiatives”.

This workshop included a presentation and discussion that provided answers for many questions about Taghyeer. The first of these questions was: What is the core team’s shared goal? The question that followed was: What will the process look like practically? Other examples on questions answered in this session are: What is your role as young leaders in Taghyeer? What are your expectations and Taghyeer’s expectations? What are your expectations of your own leaders? What is your role in the DNA process? what makes a good leader?

In the end of this part of the workshop participants were divided into groups and given a space to express their feelings and needs.

The second part of this workshop included an introduction to Taghyeer’s mission/vision, objectives, values done by Taghyeer’s team. It also included a story-telling activity about Taghyeer’s 7 values.

For more details about this workshop, you can see the below video.

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