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Taghyeer and J-Street in Jub al Deib

Taghyeer Movement organized a visit of J Street and five American congress members as well as the representative of the Palestinian Ministry of Wall and Settlement, Mr. Hassan Bregieh, and the chairman of Beit Taamar’s Council to the marginalized village of Jub Al Deib.

The Women Association of Jub al Dhib, represented by Mrs. Fadia Al Wahsh, spoke about the challenges that the village is facing due to the lack of resources and the bureaucracy of the Israeli occupation. Hassan Bregieh also addressed the Palestinian struggle under the occupation in general and for Jub al Dhib in particular in his speech. Taghyeer founder Ali Abu Awwad emphasized the role of the United States in the conflict. The speeches were followed by a discussion about the circumstances and conditions of the village, which was driven by the members of J Street delegation.

The meeting ended in editing the development plan of the village and the agreement about a future cooperation between Taghyeer and J-Street. Additionally, the door was opened for a woman representative of Jub al Dhib to be invited to participate in the J-Street conference in the States.

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