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Women Campaign "Start with Yourself"

Start with Yourself إبدأ بنفسك

Taghyeer has established and partnered with several women groups among the Palestinian society as part of its Women Leadership Program (WLP) to provide them with skills and training in order to practice social and political leadership. In partnership with the organization “forumZFD” and their training, Taghyeer women create a space to act independently and to serve their communities as agents for change.

As a practical component of the program, the women designed and implemented a 4-day campaign with the overall objective to reduce the spread of the Coronavirus as a complementary part to government measures.


This objective was achieved on two levels. Firstly, raising community awareness about the danger of the virus as well as of other infectious diseases, and secondly distributing personal protective equipment such as masks, gloves and hand sanitizers in order to adhere to the preventive measures. The campaign took place in various locations in the city of Nablus that allowed for enough space to keep the required distance such as two commercial shopping centers, major grocery stores, Al-Ain refugee camp, Al Khan market, and the central taxi station.

The campaign was carried out with the help of our partners whom we thank: the Nablus governorate office, the Palestinian Ministry of Health, the Palestinian Ministry of Transportation, the Chamber of Commerce, and especially forumZDF.

“Start with Yourself” received media coverage by different local media outlets including Dooz News and Media Website, Ma'an News Agency, Palestine TV, Radio Hayat, and Tariq Mahabeh radio station. Thanks to this, the women were able to extend the reach of the campaign and spread the message of Taghyeer.


Within 4 days, the campaign reached more than 3,000 people directly. The following table describes the distribution of supplies in reference to the different locations.

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