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Women Nonviolence Leadership in Al Obedeye

Taghyeer leaders Ali Abu Awwad, Riyad Al Halees, and Raed AlHaddar held a workshop in the town of Al Obedeye, Bethlehem governatorate, to address the challenges of community, as a part of the Women Leadership Program.

The workshop included discussions about the principles of nonviolence, the mission and vision of Taghyeer as a Palestinian nonviolence movement, as well as the role of women in nonviolent resistance and social and politcial change. The women explained their cultural challenges in a traditional, patriarchic society, and their lack of rights and support.

As a result, Taghyeer encouraged the women to create a women group in Al Obedeye, which implements local activities such as planting trees, cleaning neighbourhoods and start women dialogue groups. These actions are women-owned, intentonally avoiding a mixed-gender group in order to have a safe space of action taking without the criticism of men. In addition, Taghyeer was approaching the men in the community to speak about women rights.

The Al Obedeye workshop and the resulting initiatives of the women have raised awarness about their situation and allowed for more women participation in social action. This workshop was the start of Al Obedeye activist group of Taghyeer.

In fall 2016, around 200 of Al Obedeye's women joined Karama Event.

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