Taghyeer Staff


Ali Abu Awwad

Co-founder & General Manager

Ali laid the foundations for his dream of an independent, strong Palestine in 2016. He is the movement's manager, spokesperson, the visionary and works closely with our communities on the ground.

Emili Rishmawi

Communications  & Fundraising Manager

Emili joined Taghyeer in the begging of 2021 and is responsible for fundraising, outreach, marketing, administration, and communications. 

el kurr.jpg

Muhanad Kharaz

Chair of Charter International Committee

Muhanad joined as Taghyeer's first Executive Director in December 2019.  Currently he is the Chair of Charter International Committee and is responsible for diffusing the Nonviolence National Palestinian Charter Internationally. 

Raed Hadar

Co-founder & Community Organizer

Raed is co-founder of Taghyeer Movement and Community Organizer. He works directly with Taghyeer activists and on the ground activities.


Riyad Halees

Co-founder & Community Organizer

Riyad is co-founder of Taghyeer Movement and Chief of Community Organizers. He works directly with our activists and responsible for implementing and monitoring on the ground projects.