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Women's Leadership

Core Program

Taghyeer has established and partnered with several women groups among the Palestinian society to provide them with skills and training in order to practice social and political leadership. In partnership with forumZFD and their training, Taghyeer women create a space to act independently and to serve their communities as agents for change.

The Women Leadership Program (WLP) is comprised of two women groups: The one in the north includes women activists from Nablus, and the one in the south includes women from Jub Al Deib, Twaneh and Hebron. Some of the women taking part in WLP also serve as MoCs.

Through our partnership with the German organization, forumZFD, the women of the WLP took part in a 6 month training in which they acquired skills such as needs assessment, campaign design, budget planning and community outreach. To put their knowledge into action, the women led a campaign named "Start with Yourself" (ibda binafsak). The 4-day campaign aimed at raising awareness about preventive measures to face the current Coronavirus pandemic. They distributed masks and hand sanitizers to the public in hot spot areas throughout the city of Nablus. "Start with Yourself" was covered by 9 media outlets and reached more than 3,000 people.

The Mission of the Women's Leadership Program


Spread the Mission of Taghyeer.

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